Dear Esther,

By this testimonial, I want to show appreciation for everything that you did for me. It has been two months since I start treatment with you and you helped me to solve many problems. You even helped me with problems that I did not know I had. Like kidney stone and microbe that was found in my urine that was repelled after my first treatment! I had difficulty sleeping with bad dreams and I could not believe that acupuncture can help me in this case too, but you helped me with this. When I started acupuncture treatment with you, I was only interested in losing weight and size but you helped me with many problems and I even lost weight. So far, I lost 6 pounds and 1 inch from my waist. Everybody mention to me that my facial complexion has become brighter and is pellucid and clearer. I had difficulty with urination but now it is solved too. I am really happy that I started this treatment with you and I thank you for everything that you did for me.

Best regards,
Marzieh Afshar
Toronto, ON

Just finished a series of acupuncture treatments for various health issues at the Bayview Health Acupuncture & Massage Clinic and have had the most amazing results! Esther is the most caring and talented health professional I have ever been treated by. She has hands and heart of gold!

– Rossi J.
Toronto, ON

“My experience with Esther was very successful! The acupuncture treatment she provided helped me to sleep better at night and put my life long migraines at ease. I highly recommend this procedure done by Esther. She makes you feel very comfortable and it is very obvious that she is very well educated!”

- Cristina Jennings

"I never knew that my blood circulation can improve so dramatically in just a few short sessions. The freedom of not relying upon medication is truly amazing since it became such a normal part of my life. It has positively impacted my school life by increasing my productivity which I hope to continue into my career. Who knew that such a small change can go a long way?"

- Junia

“The entire right side of body was completely paralyzed after my stroke in February of 2010 and my attending doctor told me that I would never move again. For 3 months, I was placed in the inpatient stroke rehabilitation program at the hospital but there was no change in my condition. After hearing from few people that acupuncture can help with stroke paralysis, I was referred to Esther by a friend and I began my treatment with her right away. The result was astonishing. After my third treatment, I was able to make a fist with my right hand. It has been 7 months since I started my treatments with Esther and I am proud to say that I am now able to move my arm and walk around with just a little limp. I feel so blessed to have met Esther.”

- Soo Kyoung Kim

Doing acupuncture with Esther has proven to be very successful in improving my insomnia and migraines. She has been a definite asset in improving my wellbeing.

– Maharaj Meera-Latchmin

I highly recommend Esther because she gave me a more positive perspective and outlook on my chronic pain and IBS. Three years after a major motor vehicle accident and very little hope, Esther treated me with more than just a band aid. She treated me thoroughly from inside out as a result, I am able to live a normal life again with manageable flare-ups. Esther is great not only as a knowledgeable and result-oriented professional; she is overall a kind, gentle, supportive, giving, and honest person.

– Denise Rumsey

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