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What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture has more then 2000 years of history in China and is considered the oldest and the most common form of healing practices in the world. It involves the insertion of very thin metallic needles at specific points on the body, known as the acupoints, and the aim is to restore your body’s natural function and maintain health through the regulation and restoration of Qi flow in the body.

How does acupuncture work?

The manipulations of Acupuncture treatment can:
  • Transport and stimulate the circulation of channel Qi & blood
  • Restore and regulate the function of the viscera
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Restore imbalance of Yin & Yang
  • Regulate the functional activity of the body
  • Nourish the whole body and strengthen it’s resistance to prevent and fight disease
  • Unblock channel obstructions

What is Tui Na Massage?

Tui Na is a therapeutic massage technique based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The term “Tui Na” translated is, “Push-Grasp” as it involves the combination of deep & vigorous muscular stretching along the meridians of the body in addition to the use of finger, hand, or elbow pressure on the various acupuncture points to directly influence the flow of Qi (body energy). Tui Na does not only stimulate acupuncture points, but also covers wide range of the body surface so as to correct physiological imbalances in the body and achieve effects.

How does Tui Na work?

The manipulations of Tui Na treatment can:
  • Activate the flow of Qi & blood to remove stasis along the meridian line
  • Regulate the Yin & Yang of the body
  • Correct abnormal anatomic location
  • Regulate & strengthen the functions of the viscera
  • Clear out the channels in the body and lubricate the joints

What are the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture (facial rejuvenation)?

  • Minimizes deep and fine lines
  • Reduces puffiness by eliminating excess fluids
  • Stimulates blood and lymph circulation
  • Improves facial glow and sheen
  • Promotes overall health and well being
  • Raises drooping eyelids
  • Shrinks age spots
  • Tightens and lessens bags around the eyes
  • Moderates stress evident in the face
  • Increases collagen production
  • Firms facial muscles
  • Strengthens the immune system

How does acupuncture help with weight Loss?

(electric acupuncture & auricular acupuncture/seeds used)
  • Regulates Metabolism: Acupuncture helps to regulate metabolism. A history of irregular eating, overeating and even thyroid dysfunction all contribute to a slow metabolism. Acupuncture can help to increase metabolism by stimulating the thyroid and endocrine glands as your body adjusts to the changes in your diet and exercise. Affecting the endocrine system also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Stops Food Cravings: Regular acupuncture treatments can help curb food cravings, just as it has been proven to help cravings for other addictive substances like tobacco and alcohol. Support from acupuncture helps to eliminate cravings and increases the will power to overcome them.
  • Benefits Digestion: Over time, things like crash diets, irregular eating habits and excessive greasy or fattening foods all take their toll on the digestion. Chronic symptoms such as bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea are all signs that the digestive system is out of balance. Acupuncture can help to harmonize the digestive organs so that you are symptom-free. Proper digestion ensures that you are getting the nutrients you need from your food so you feel less hungry.
  • Calming and Relaxing: When acupuncture needles are inserted into specific points on the body and in the ear it stimulates the release of endorphins. Endorphins have a calming and relaxing effect on the body. Naturally releasing endorphins makes it easier to deal with stress, frustration and anxiety which can be triggers for emotional eating, overeating and bingeing on fattening foods.
  • Cleansing: Acupuncture treatments during weight loss help to cleanse your system. Toxins that have been built up over time from excess weight and adipose tissue can cause symptoms such as fatigue, acne and depression. These can be relieved or eliminated with acupuncture, whether or not you are trying to lose weight.

What is air pressure physio massage?

Originated in South Korea, this therapy system promotes the circulation of blood and lymph throughout your body by repeatedly pumping & deflating waves of air pressure from distal to proximal parts of your limbs and trunk. The treatment is quite therapeutic, providing both relaxation and invigoration of your muscle. Air pressure physio massage may not replace human hands, but they can definitely help soothe some of those aches and pains and even benefit conditions such as swelling of limbs at a much reduced cost.

Ionic Foot Detoxification Bath

The history of the ion cleanse foot detoxification stems back many years when it was discovered that illness exists more frequently when the body is more acidic. Whether the disturbance comes from the food/water consumption or through the air that we breathe, many factors lead to a shift in our bodies’ pH level as well as toxin build-up. With such imbalance, we compromise our immune system, as well as our hormonal and nervous systems.

Foot ion cleanse is a safe and efficient way to change the polarity of the atoms and to pull toxins out of the body, relieving your liver and body of chemicals which may be burdening your system. Other beneficial effects from the ion cleanse can include: increased energy and vitality, clearer thinking, increased metabolism, a stronger immune system, less pain, improvement of allergy symptoms, clearer skin, brighter complexion, and slowing of the aging process.

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