Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Nov 2020

Dear Complete Balance Patients,

The government and our regulatory college has granted the continuous opening of all health services effectively. As of the current date, the following are in practice – please take your time and read carefully.

Clinic Scheduling:
1. In an effort to prevent unnecessary travelling and overcrowding at the clinic, all counselling services (Nutritional Counselling, Psychotherapy, Initial TCM assessment) will continue online unless certain barriers prevent patients from being able to hold video meetings.

2. Please arrive 5 minutes BEFORE your appointment for these new protocols and to settle in. Also consider slower elevator use with reduced number of people allowed in them at a time. Although the elevators are marked to allow 3 people at a time, we recommend no more than 2 people in the elevator at a time.

3. If you are running late, inform the clinic as soon as possible.  In the effort to physical distance, being late will affect your treatment time and you may be asked to rebook. Please note that if you are running late and the appointment must be rebooked to maintain physical distancing, our regular late charges under the clinic’s late cancellation policy will apply.

Physical Distancing:
Limited number of practitioners will be available in-person at the clinic to allow physical distancing space.

Safe distancing can be achieved easily in all areas of the clinic – we have many rooms. Upon arrival, patients can immediately go into one of the assigned empty rooms to avoid coming in contact with other patients.

Please wash your hands as soon as you enter the room.

Visitors will be asked to wait outside of the building rather than in our office to ensure that we have minimal patrons in our clinic at all times, unless you are accompanying a minor or someone who requires an assistant.

Please wait outside of the unit until there is no one in the waiting/reception area.

Financial Support:
If you have experienced job loss or your small business was interrupted due to covid, and are currently experiencing financial difficulties, you will be eligible to apply for our community acupuncture program to receive discounted acupuncture treatments. Please contact the front desk to receive a brief questionnaire for more details.

Active Screening:
You will be emailed an Appointment Reminder WITH an Enhanced Screening Questionnaire before your appointment. Please complete the questionnaire prior to entering our clinic.

Considering Privacy issues:  If you prefer NOT to email your response to the questionnaire, you will be asked all questions upon arrival (please allow time for this).  Depending upon on your answers, you may be requested to rebook and be directed for testing.

All surfaces that a patient may come in contact with will be disinfected (in treatment rooms between bookings and in reception).

Hand washing and/or hand sanitizing (with minimum 70% alcohol) by the patient upon entry of the clinic is required,
Hand washing and/or sanitizing is immediately performed by all practitioners prior to patient contact.

Contactless tap payment is preferred at this time to minimize extra disinfection. We have also set up online payment options. Please inquire if you wish to make payments online.

Patients are requested to wear a mask prior to entering the premises. If you do not own a mask, you may purchase one upon arrival. Surgical or cloth masks are acceptable. Surgical masks are available should you not have your own mask upon arrival. K95 masks are also available at our reception desk.

All practitioners will wear a medical grade mask during treatment.

Additional PPE may be used by the practitioners for front-line healthcare workers and others (caring for COVID patients).

You will be entering a very safe and controlled environment.

If you have any questions about our safety protocol, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or 416-901-2873. We looked forward to seeing you.