Connecting the Dots: Recognizing Signs of Imbalance in Our Organ Functions

Date: Thurs, May 14th, 2020 at 8:00 pm
Format: Online Webinar
Cost: $0

Ringing in the ear, eye floaters, frequent urination, palpitations… Do these symptoms sound familiar to you?

Our body is in constant communication but too often we ignore these "signs" as they seem insignificant, isolated and we simply do not recognize what they are indicating. In Oriental Medicine, it is believed that there is a distribution of networks throughout the body called the Meridian System that links each of our organs to different areas of our body. The vital energy required to circulate blood and body fluids throughout our system uses this comprehensive yet complex network to reach every part of the body. Understanding how our body is intertwined helps us to connect the dots in what are seemingly isolated symptoms so that we can have a better sense of every phenomenal that occurs in our body.

Join this free webinar led by Shawn Kim, Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, to gain knowledge about the TCM view on our body's system. You will learn specific signs and symptoms each organ exhibits, and have a basis of self-diagnosis to prevent future illnesses.

Shawn is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner at Complete Balance. He is trained in many different TCM modalities such as TCM-based acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Gua Sha, Tuina, and Chinese herbal medicine. His experience as a competitive athlete led to his interest in sports medicine and rehabilitation. You can learn more about Shawn on his profile.

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Recognizing Signs of Imbalance in Our Organs