Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine: Understanding Our Constitution and How To Turn What We Eat Into Medicine

Date: Thurs, Apr 30th, 2020 at 8:00 pm
Format: Online Webinar
Cost: $0

What is my consitution and how can eating according to my constitution help me?

Have you ever had the experience of trying a product that worked miraculously on your friend but had no effect on you? Or perhaps you've seen other people have certain foods all the time but once you have just a little bit, your stomach starts having issues (ice cream or iced coffee anyone?).

From kale and chia seeds to rishi mushrooms and dandelions, a quick search on Google for a list of superfoods go on and on. We are told that they are full of nutrients and minerals and cure multiple diseases but is our health guaranteed if we follow these nutrition-rich diets? Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about tailoring to you, and therefore the key to turning what we eat into medicine is understanding the property of herb, foods, and knowing what is right for your constitution.

Please join us next Thursday for a FREE webinar led by our registered herbalist and acupuncturist, Royce Liu, who will share how to turn what we eat into medicine.

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Understanding Our Constitution-My Complete Balance Clinic