Healthy Living Assessment (HSA)

Introducing our Healthy Living Assessment (HSA) Package

Have you ever seen “Naturopathic Doctor” listed under your benefit package and wondered what kind of services they offered? Or perhaps you’ve heard about them from a friend or coworker and wanted to know more about whether you could benefit from them? Naturopathic Doctors (or Doctors of Naturopathy) are medically trained as primary care physicians to treat patients with natural therapies. Their focus is to understand and treat the person as a whole rather than the individual symptoms so that you can enjoy a better quality of life.

However, the best treatment is undeniably prevention, and the naturopathic doctors at Complete Balance bring you an easy way for you to get started with the Health Living Assessment (HLA) Package.

Who is the HLA package for?

  • If you have not had an annual check-up for more than 1 year
  • If you want to know your overall health status
  • If you are suffering from symptoms of chronic fatigue
  • If you want to focus on weight management
  • If you want to prevent metabolic syndromes such as diabetes, hyper cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases
  • If you want to screen your thyroid and liver function

What does the HLA package include?

  • a healthy living assessment lab test including tests for hematology, metabolism, thyroid, cardiac, kidney function, liver and lipids/cholesterol
  • a 1-on-1 initial assessment with a registered Naturopathic Doctor
  • a 45 minute follow-up session to discuss test results, supplement suggestion and diet/lifestyle suggestions 

Everything listed above is included in the HLA package for $485. Additionally, if you are a long-term vegetarian or vegan, or suffer from IBS or low immune function, the Enhanced HLA package (+$60) includes a Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin D level test in addition to all the tests from the HLA package.

Prevention starts when you begin to explore and understand your current health. Don't wait - get assessed today.