Spring Wind Burn Creme


Product Description: An herbal burn cream based on a formula used in China for centuries. Great for soothing minor burns and sunburn. You’ll be surprised how fast-acting and effective it is. Great also to soothe the itching and pain of hemorrhoids. Keep a jar by the stove and in the medicine cabinet. Apply to radiation-irritated skin between radiation treatments. Try it on insect bites or hot rashes to mollify itching.

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Brand: Spring Wind

Product Name: Burn Cream

Ingredients: Organic sesame oil, Beeswax, Biota leaf, Arnebia, Tangkuei, Coptis root, Gardenia fruit, Rehmannia, Angelica baizhi, Rhubarb root and Sanguisorba.

*The above information was taken from Spring Wind.


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