About Our Clinic


Treat the whole person naturally, cause no side effects, inspire higher standards in the healthcare system and remove barriers to help as many people reach their very best self

Complete Balance Neuro Acupuncture and Rehab (CBNAR) is a traditional and alternative healthcare clinic existing to fill the voids and limitations of our current healthcare system.

As the only Zhu Scalp Acupuncture certified clinic in Toronto, CBNAR specializes in treating neurological conditions to rehabilitate defective motor and sensory functions. In addition, we provide patients with relief from suffering and help them to regain control over their health. Integrated into alternative healthcare, our approach is to treat all ailments naturally at the earliest onset while diminishing side effects and bringing effective results. Simultaneously, we help patients build a sustainable lifestyle for the prevention of further illnesses.

Our interdisciplinary and integrative team of practitioners work together in partnership with patients to identify the root cause of the disease and to formulate the best treatment plan that is both personal and comprehensive. As a result, we take pride in the long-lasting relationships we have established with many of our patients through providing honest, caring and effective treatments. Whether you are in need of a comprehensive recovery from a serious illness or looking for preventative routine maintenance, we are committed to offering the highest quality of care to bring Complete Balance into your life.

Our Values

    • GRACE: Showing kindness and understanding to ourselves, our team and our patients
    • BALANCE: striving to model healthy work & life balance
    • INNOVATION: use of treatment techniques that yield the highest clinical efficacy by being progressive and staying innovative
    • COMPASSION: to show sympathy & concern for the suffering of others
    • INTEGRITY: products & services based on honesty that yield the highest efficacy and satisfaction without causing harm
    • AUTHENTICITY: encouraging open & frank communication for continuous advancements and professional development

We believe in:


Measuring the success of our clinic by achieving good results that drive word-of-mouth growth


Educating our patients on early intervention and prevention treatments to avoid the complications of chronic illnesses

Holistic Care

Addressing prevalent symptoms in addition to correcting the constitutional imbalance

Working Together

Providing active treatments through engaging patients in the process of healing and integrating treatments amongst the healthcare team to treat the whole person

Good Stewardship

Being good stewards of our healing gifts, treating anyone regardless of their gender, age, religion, status, income class, sexual orientation and ethnicity

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