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Acupuncture, Psychotherapy and Alzheimer’s

Did you know that there are over half a million Canadians who are living with dementia? Moreover, this number is expected to grow to 937,000 by the year 2031, with an estimated 25,000 new cases diagnosed each year (1). With one in five Canadians having had experience caring for someone living with a form of [...]

What Is Stress Doing To My Body?

We all know that stress is bad. Most of us have heard something along the lines of how stress induces “cortisol hormone” to be released into our bloodstream or the concept of “fight-or-flight”. But what impact does this have on our body that makes stress the precursor to such a wide range of diseases? Eczema & hives, insomnia, [...]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): What should I be eating?

Gut health is the foundation of our immune system. The stronger our body's ability to digest and extract nutrients, the stronger our immune system's defense against infections. In this article, we will get a bit of a deeper understanding of the role of the microbiome and how we can improve IBS symptoms over time by [...]

Reversing Multiple Sclerosis?

Canada has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis (MS) in the world, with an estimated 1 in every 385 Canadians living with the disease. While it is most often diagnosed in young adults aged 20 to 49, younger children and older adults are also diagnosed with the disease. What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? [...]

Are you at risk for stroke?

Stroke Prevention and Recovery through TCM Stroke kills 700,000 people each year around the globe. Every 12 seconds, there is a new individual who suffers from a stroke. Every 21 seconds, there is a stroke patient who passed away because of it. And stroke is the leading cause of serious long-term disability. So what exactly [...]

What does it mean to be mentally healthy?

Mental health is often discussed and associated with mental health issues, mental illnesses, and mental disorders, which can be framed as something negative. Most people might think that because they don't have these issues, they are mentally "healthy" or good. I like to help my clients to escape that type of thinking. Just as happiness [...]

Can you recover from a Spinal Cord Injury?

Can you recover from a Spinal Cord Injury? Back pain, irregular menstruation, IBS, etc., most of us are familiar with the idea of treating these types of conditions with acupuncture but can acupuncture really help treat a spinal cord injury (SCI)? Despite the numerous videos of success stories I witnessed during Zhu’s scalp acupuncture trainings [...]

Benefits of Pilates for Cerebral Palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy? Last month on October 6th, Cerebral Palsy Day was observed around the world to raise awareness and support for the millions of individuals and families that have been affected by the neurological disorder. Cerebral Palsy (CP) affects a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. It is caused by damage [...]

Can Eastern Medicine cure Breast Cancer?

Do you have history of dental issues? Do you suffer with constipation? Did you reach puberty at an earlier or later stage than others? These are just some of the precursors to developing breast cancer. Find out why cancer cells form in our body and what treatment strategies we use in Eastern medicine to prevent [...]

6 Practical Ways to Help Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s

What is Alzheimer's? Alzheimer's Disease is the most common form of dementia. Dementia is an overall term used to describe any decline in brain function that can affect areas such as memory, language, focus, judgment, visual perception, and can interfere with daily functions. In the early stage of Alzheimer’s, individuals can live independently, but with [...]

Can you recognize symptoms of heat stroke?

Summer is here and it’s hot, hot, HOT! Our cold Canadian winter is finally gone and it’s left us wanting as much sun and heat as we can get! We’re not complaining, but let’s be sun smart and recognize the signs and symptoms of when we’re getting too much. Heatstroke Heatstroke is when your body [...]

How to Stop Suffering from Seasonal Allergies:

An ancient and proven solution for you   As the saying goes, "Prepare the umbrella before it rains!" For this month, we introduce you to a time-sensitive form of TCM treatment called Celestial moxa. Celestial moxa (also known as San Fu Tie or Allergy & Asthma Patch) is a method that treats disease through a [...]

My Acupuncturist Tells Me I Am “Damp”!

What is dampness? If you have ever come across an acupuncturist or TCM practitioner, you may  have heard the word ‘dampness’ used to explain the pathogenesis of your condition. The central concepts of Eastern medicine is that the body is never in a perfect state of balance but rather in dynamic internal equilibrium striving to regain [...]

Why do we crave certain flavours?

A healthier you is a happier you and a healthy body always begins with a healthy diet. With the media bringing awareness of health concerns that arise from poor diet, we try our best to abstain from processed, fatty, and greasy foods, or foods with harmful chemicals or additives and opt instead for smoothies and salads as this [...]

Feeling Unmotivated? 5 Steps to Beating the Winter Blues

By Melody Yeung, Registered Psychotherapist With the warmer weather and the approaching Spring, there is a sense of renewed energy in the air. But for some of us, even the change in the natural environment doesn’t seem enough to get us going. Here are some easy steps to help you get motivated even in the [...]