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Weight Loss

The TCM weight loss program is a collaborative program by our clinic practitioners based on Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis for those whose goal is to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle according to the holistic view of your body. The program is highly personalized to your body’s constitution and your lifestyle.

How does the program work?

The 8-week program involves two stages in which the first stage is composed of a more vigorous schedule to help make changes while the second stage helps to instill the changes in the long-run. The initial measurement and bi-weekly weigh-ins, and before and after photos will help you keep motivated and document the positive changes that you make through this program.

What will the holistic nutritionist do?

The nutritional consultation will be done once weekly in the first stage and once bi-weekly in the second stage. It will include an in-depth assessment of nutritional needs and lifestyle factors through a questionnaire that is completed in advance, an initial 1-hour consultation for a diet analysis and nutritional roadmap, and a weekly/bi-weekly half an hour follow-up sessions. These sessions will guide you through a customized nutrition and meal plan accompanied with delicious recipes to introduce you to new foods and eating styles and equip you with gentle cleansing protocols that will help you lose weight according to your body type.

Email access between sessions will be available to help you be constantly engaged with information, articles, handouts, book recommendations and supplement recommendations, as well as self-care strategies and tips for mindfulness, meditation and holistic wellness. This interactive meal tracking and coaching technique will keep you motivated throughout the 8 weeks of this program and beyond.

What will the personal trainer do?

The personal training session will be done twice weekly in the first stage and once weekly in the second stage. These 45 minute sessions involve a customized one-on-one training session with a certified personal trainer to incorporate strength training, cardio, mobility and stretching according to your personal fitness capabilities and goals.

Although exercise is a crucial element in both staying fit and losing weight, it is important to do them correctly so you do not injure yourself or damage your body structure. With a personal trainer, they are able to provide education, motivation and accountability to help reach your personal and health goals.