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Naturopathic Medicine-My Complete Balance Clinic

Eating nutrient rich foods and avoiding processed foods are ways that everyone can improve and maintain their health. Sometimes, you need extra help to figure out which foods or what eating pattern is best for your unique needs and your health concerns. Our naturopaths are trained in Western therapeutic diet recommendations (i.e. low protein diet for kidney disease, Mediterranean diet for heart disease) as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine diet recommendations, which incorporate the energetics of foods and how they interact with different patterns of disease. By combining this knowledge, they can give you tailored recommendations that will give you the ability to cultivate your best health!

Everything from exercise to screen use to how you breathe can have long term impacts on your health.  We live in a world that is continually pressuring us to do more, be more, and have more. Lifestyle counselling canhelp you find strategies to manage your stressors, recover effectively, and feel more energized on a daily basis. Sometimes its just a matter of getting an outside perspective on what is holding you back.

There are so many supplements available today and many of them may sound helpful to you. How do you prioritize what is useful and what is not? Having a consult with a naturopath can give you insight into which supplements will be most supportive for your health concerns. Our naturopathic doctors are always reading through research studies and learning from leaders in the field of natural health to make sure their recommendations have the greatest efficacy.You do not need to waste your energy and money on supplements that are ineffective or unnecessary!

Plants have amazing healing qualities and can be used is so many ways for medicinal purposes. Teas, alcohol tinctures, granules, pills—all of these are viable forms to deliver their healing benefits. Herbal remedies can often be just as effective as pharmaceutical medications for many different concerns. They tend to have less side effects because their healing ability comes from a variety of chemical constituents that act on many different receptors in the body rather than one molecule that pushes a specific pathway in medications. Working with a practitioner when taking herbs is important since they may be contraindicated with certain medications or with health conditions.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that started in Germany and is used worldwide today. It uses the energetic force of various plants, minerals, and organic matter diluted into miniscule amounts in water to stimulate the body’s vital force and start the self-healing process. It is a very gentle form of medicine that works well when the right remedy is selected. Since the amount of active material is so small, homeopathic remedies do not interact with any other medications, making them a safe choice for most people.

Herbal Remedies-My Complete Balance Clinic

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use…”

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