Needleless Acupuncture

Moxibustion is a painless and needle-less acupuncture treatment involving the burning of mugwort herbs over a patient’s body.

This positively stimulates acupoints using focused heat. Its name comes from Japanese word for Artemesia Vulgaris pronounced “mogusa” combined with the word “combustion” which became “Moxibustion”.

What is Moxa made out of?

The fresh leaves are picked in the spring and sun dried into various grades of moxa wool. Moxa comes in many different forms (cones, wools, smokeless moxa, sook moxa, moxa stick, etc) and are used clinically in different ways according to its specific needs

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Is Moxibustion treatment painful?

The experience of heat from the moxibustion will vary according to patients constitution and sensitivity but patients should not experience pain, blistering or scarring.

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What conditions can Moxibustion treat?

In East Asia, Moxibustion is as commonly used as an acupuncture needle based treatments and for certain conditions such as anemia, amenorrhea, over sensitivity to cold, loose stools, poor appetite and breech babies, the results are even stronger.

Laser Therapy

How does Laser Therapy work?

Similar to traditional acupuncture treatment using needles, the practitioner places the laser on the acupoints but instead of puncturing the skin, the laser stimulates the points painlessly and activates their functions. Each laser light is attached to the different acupoints found on the body and throughout the duration of the treatment, the laser remains attached to the body.

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Is Laser Therapy dangerous?

The lasers used in Acupuncture treatments are called low-level lasers or “cold lasers” as they do not produce heat and are different from the lasers used in laser eye surgeries that burn or cut.

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What conditions can Laser Therapy treat?

Just like traditional acupuncture, laser therapies can treat most diseases. This form of therapy is especially recommended for those who would like the benefit of acupuncture but have a sensitivity to needles. It is also a safer alternative for children who are afraid of needles or who may have trouble staying still.