Cupping therapy involves the application of specialized cups onto the flat surface of skin and creates a vacuum that stretches the fascia and muscles, causing ecchymosis (minor temporary bruising).

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How long has cupping been around?

Cupping only recently gained popularity among the general public due to Olympic athletes and movie celebrities appearing in the media with red circular marks all over their backs. However, this form of therapy has been practiced all around the world for thousands of years. The true origin of cupping remains uncertain but archaeologists have found pictorial records & descriptions in both the ancient Egyptian and Chinese works dating back more than 3000 years.

How does cupping work?

This is recognized by the body as a “wound” and in turn triggers a chain reaction that boosts the immune system to prevent bacteria from flowing in through the “wound.” This inflammatory response sends blood to the sight of injury, specifically the white blood cells, to fight any pathogens that has passed through. This is why cupping is so effective in treating respiratory infections such as pneumonia, common cold, and bronchitis. In addition, cupping is effective in relieving muscle tension and aches as it promotes new blood flow to tissues. Despite the temporary marks left after a cupping session, many people describe the sensation as a deep massage-like pull through the tissue.

Laser Therapy

How does Laser Therapy work?

Similar to traditional acupuncture treatment using needles, the practitioner places the laser on the acupoints but instead of puncturing the skin, the laser stimulates the points painlessly and activates their functions. Each laser light is attached to the different acupoints found on the body and throughout the duration of the treatment, the laser remains attached to the body.

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Is Laser Therapy dangerous?

The lasers used in Acupuncture treatments are called low-level lasers or “cold lasers” as they do not produce heat and are different from the lasers used in laser eye surgeries that burn or cut.

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What conditions can Laser Therapy treat?

Just like traditional acupuncture, laser therapies can treat most diseases. This form of therapy is especially recommended for those who would like the benefit of acupuncture but have a sensitivity to needles. It is also a safer alternative for children who are afraid of needles or who may have trouble staying still.

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