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Community Acupuncture in torento by My Complete Balance

Our Local/Global Responsibility

Why we do what we do

Our philosophy is simple.

We have been given so much, including the gift of healing, and our values are a joyful response to show our thankful heart. Therefore, we are committed to serving both our local community as well as our neighbours across the globe with the resources, talents, and skills that we have received.

community acupuncture
community acupuncture

In the summer of 2010, our senior acupuncturist (Esther Yoo) travelled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. During her visit, she provided medical care to long term missionaries and taught TCM skills at Daughters of Cambodia.

Daughters of Cambodia is an NGO which seeks to bring holistic restoration and hope to the lives of girls exploited as sex-workers. To achieve this, the organization helps the girls transition into a healthy and productive community life. It was through this amazing experience that Esther was reminded once again why she had chosen the path of becoming an acupuncturist. This experience reaffirmed her desire to use her skills to make a difference both locally and globally. Complete Balance currently runs a local community clinic for those without extended health coverage and has visions to establish a teaching clinic.

Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more.

Luke 12:48b

Locally: Community Acupuncture

We understand that non-government subsidized treatments can be a financial burden on individuals and families without extended health insurance. At Complete Balance, we value everyone’s health and would like to provide services to anyone who requires medical attention. To support our local community, we operate the Community-based Acupuncture internship clinic. This program allows highly-trained acupuncturists under the supervision of our senior acupuncturists to provide treatment at a discounted cost to patients without health coverage. To find out if you are eligible, please call us to request the Community Acupuncture Program Questionnaire.

Globally: Teaching Clinic

The long term goal for our clinic is to have on-going medical mission trips to Cambodia and establish an institute & teaching clinic for acupuncture rehab services. Due to devastating political and social upheavals, many Cambodians were sold into the sex industry at a young age and grew up with no education and skill sets. Additionally, the majority of health professionals and educators were executed by the Khmer Rouge regime during the revolution. During her visit, Esther recognized that one of the major needs for this nation weren’t just health services but to raise up local health providers. We hope that this vision will come into fruition in the near future.