Goodball Therapy

What is the Goodball Method?

Unlike traditional exercise programs that use hard tools and extreme pressure, the Goodball Method uses soft springy balls that are engineered to match the density of your body’s soft tissue. These balls are then applied to specific points in the body so that they penetrate deep into your connective tissue and fascia layer, restoring the elasticity in your body to improve pain, increase your range of motion and restore abnormal posture and body structure.
Ultimately, the goal of the Goodball Method is to provide you with a health program that allows your body to restore its elasticity and therefore have the ability to maintain its most ideal state of health regardless of your age, sex, size and fitness level.

How does the Goodball Method work?

The Goodball Method is more than just the balls themselves; it is a unique perspective of viewing the body in a holistic and comprehensive way. The living human body is an ecosystem that consists of bones, fat, blood, nerves, lymph, organs, and yet many exercise programs reduce their focus to only the muscles in the body.
Moreover, understanding the way that living fascia behaves demonstrates that strengthening weak muscles or stretching tight muscles is not the equivalent of maintaining a healthy body.By creating space in compressed areas of our body that previously restricted circulation and connection in our blood, nerves lymphs, and further restoring the elasticity of our connective tissue through Goodball, the sessions can help alleviate immediate and chronic pain, and also restore your body’s ideal posture to prevent any future illnesses.

Who can benefit from Goodballs?

The Goodball Method was originally developed in South Korea by Dr. Dong-Shin Lee, a physiotherapist who had worked within hospitals and with Olympic athletes, alongside other healthcare practitioners such as chiropractors, oriental medicine practitioners, and personal trainers. His diverse experience along with multiple publications, research and licenses became the foundation in the development of the Goodball Method.
Currently, the Goodball Academy in Korea has multiple public contracts with The National Dance Company of Korea, The National Orchestra Company of Korea, and the Seoul Performing Arts Company. From professional ballet performers with highly specialized performance needs to office workers struggling with chronic pain, Goodball is now a part of many people’s lives.

Goodball Therapy instructor

The classes are designed to fit up to 8 clients. The Goodball instructor will guide the class through a program of different Goodball points that is aimed to have a cumulative and comprehensive result. You can request a preference for upper or lower body when booking the class and the instructor will do their best to modify the program to fit the needs of the individual classes. Please note that not all accommodations can be met, and you may benefit more from booking a private session instead if you have very specific needs.
The fee for each group class is $40/class, and each class is about 1 hour long. The studio will provide the needed mats, blocks, Goodballs and lockers to store personal belongings. You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes. If you have any special needs, please don’t hesitate to leave a note when booking your class session.

Yes, certain time slots are available to book 1-on-1 private sessions. These sessions are recommended for clients who have complex and/or specific needs and goals that may not be covered in the group classes. The full rates for individual sessions with the Goodball instructor can be found on our website under our price list.

We offer a package discount where you can purchase 10 classes and get 1 class for free. This is a great offer for those who would like to do classes on a regular basis.
You can also bring a friend to try out 1 class for free which is applicable to any new clients.

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