Fitness Training & Daoyin

Certified personal trainers possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to design safe and effective fitness program. They instruct and motivate people in reaching their personal health and fitness goals.

What can I expect from the personal trainer at Complete Balance?

Our personal trainer has specialized training in foam rolling, periodization training, lower back, shoulder and knee injuries, pelvic-floor exercises, osteoporosis/osteopenia to increase bone density, pre and post-natal exercises, exercises for cancer and diabetes, heart health, seniors fitness testing and exercises and much more.

Fitness Training Gym-My Complete Balance Clinic

What is involved in personal training?

Personal trainers will assess the body as a whole and help to strengthen and stretch the muscles and joints for optimal function and movement. Neutral spine and structure are key elements in ensuring a safe and effective workout. They will develop a customized program after an assessment of your fitness and health status, and educate on how to implement changes to your daily activity.


Physical-Therapy-Daoyin-My Complete Balance Clinic

What is Daoyin?

Daoyin is simply a form of physical therapy that is grounded in Traditional Chinese Medicine and can involve exercises of the body and the mind. The word literally means “to lead and guide” and was inspired by an ancient Chinese silk painting that was dated to 200 B.C. and depicts various postures and exercises that were performed for the maintenance of good health and physical flexibility.

Why combine Acupuncture Treatments with Daoyin?

The combination of Acupuncture and Daoyin therapy is most effective as acupuncture helps to clear blockages in qi and blood while Daoyin helps the body adjust the flow in the affected areas and restore its structural position and function.

“Exercise is the key not only to the physical health but to the peace of mind.”

-Nelson Mandela