Hyo Joo Esther Yoo

Founder/Executive Officer
Registered TCM Practitioner & Acupuncturist

Hyo Joo Esther Yoo, BMSc, RTCMP, RAc

Founder/Executive Officer
Registered TCM Practitioner & Acupuncturist

Our clinic director and chief TCM practitioner, Esther Yoo, is a qualified Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an Acupuncturist with 10+ years of experience in both Oriental medicine and Western complementary therapies. Esther is in good standing with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturist of Ontario (CTCMPAO).

After earning her Bachelor in Medical Sciences (BMSc) from the University of Western Ontario, Esther moved to Toronto to train in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at the Toronto School of TCM. This background and training underlies Esther’s practice, combining traditional Eastern approaches with modern Western science knowledge.

Esther believes in an integrated approach to healthcare. Drawing on her multidisciplinary education and experience, she has developed a flexible treatment style which guides clients through the various stages of holistic medicine. She is known for her empathetic and caring approach, which is evident in her ability to listen and relate to patients.

In order to pursue further education in Classical Chinese Medicine, Esther has been traveling the world extensively over the past 6 years, studying under world-renowned practitioners. Esther has completed the following adjunct therapy courses:

  • Advanced Tung Acupuncture, One-Needle Therapy, Hands on Teaching of Points Locating and The Complete Course of Tung’s Acupuncture under the instruction of Dr. Young, Wei-Chieh
  • ZSA For Internal Organic Diseases and Psychiatric Disorders, ZSA for Pain, Sensory and Motor Disorders; Introduction to Acupuncture Anesthesia, ZSA For Neurological Disorders and Emergency Conditions, ZSA for Stroke and Spinal Cord Injuries, studying directly with Professor Ming Qing Zhu
  • Balance Method with the late Dr. Richard Tan
  • Japanese acupuncture from SSC Acupuncture Institute
  • Cosmetic acupuncture from OCTCM.

As a result of expanding into classical training, Esther has successfully treated conditions in numerous health fields, including orthopedics, psychology, cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, rheumatology, nephrology, ENT, urology, respiratory, nephrology, gastroenterology and neurology. While she believes that a practitioner of Oriental Medicine should cover a broad spectrum of health conditions, Esther’s passion, training and experience has led her to focus her treatments in neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Bell’s Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and strokes. Esther is passionate about helping as many people as possible reach their health potential and live a high quality, balanced life.